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Vermont League of Women Voters Debate

The Vermont League of Women Voters held an invigorating discussion about the pros and cons of public banking on April 16, 2014.

The debate featured the Vermont State Treasurer, Beth Pearce, Senator Anthony Pollina, the sponsor of Vermont's public banking legislation, Chris D'Elia, the lobbyist for the Vermont Bankers Association, and Gwendolyn Hallsmith, the Executive Director of the Public Banking Institute.

To watch the debate, click this link:

League of Women Voters Debate

Seattle Symposium on Public Banking

In Seattle, organizers are at work pulling together a symposium on public banking at Seattle Town Hall on October 19th. Contact Mary Paterson for more information. This event is seeking sponsors and funders, as they all are.

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New Mexico Symposium on Public Banking

Coming to Santa Fe New Mexico this fall: a Symposium on Public Banking designed to catalyze the movement in New Mexico for creating a State Bank.

Banking on New Mexico:
Growing Local Economies Using Public Banking, Micro Credit, Worker Owned Businesses, Complementary Currencies & Moving Our Money
September 27, 2014
Santa Fe Community Convention Center
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Contact BankingOnNewMexico@gmail.com

For more information, contact Nichoe Lichen of Banking On New Mexico.
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