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Vermont League of Women Voters Debate

The Vermont League of Women Voters has scheduled what can only be an invigorating discussion about the pros and cons of public banking next week, Wednesday, April 16, 2014, in the Vermont State House, Room 10 at 7:00 PM.

The debate will feature the Vermont State Treasurer, Beth Pearce, Senator Anthony Pollina, the sponsor of Vermont's public banking legislation, Chris D'Elia, the lobbyist for the Vermont Bankers Association, and Gwendolyn Hallsmith, the Executive Director of the Public Banking Institute.

Nevada County, CA
Miracle Economy

Nevada County, California will be having an inspirational educational fundraising event called Creating a Miracle Economy in Nevada County on May 9th:

Banner Grange Hall
12629 McCourtney Rd,
Grass Valley, CA.

Call Pamela Hall at 530-477-1829 to volunteer to help create this event, and send your tax-deductible donations made out to The Public Banking Institute to Pamela Hall at 14981 Greenhorn Rd., Grass Valley, CA to support our work Nevada County, California.

Detroit: The Great Debate

This June, high school students will learn all about public banking and then will educate the rest of us as the Detroit Urban Debate League holds a debate at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The debate is scheduled June 2nd at 7:00 pm. The Urban Debate League has sponsored public debates on hundreds of issues over the years; their students are known around the country for the high quality attention and articulation they give the subject matter.

Public Banking will be no exception. Students are assigned whether they will speak for or against the issue, and they are then responsible for doing in-depth research into the benefits and risks of establishing a public bank in Michigan. They are also trained and coached by college level debaters about the rhetorical power they can bring to their speech and the ways in which they can effectively rebut the opposition.

The Public Banking debate in Detroit comes at a time when the city is facing serious repercussions of the wholesale theft of their municipal government by the big banks, who encourage the city to bet on interest rate swaps at the exact moment they were poised to go in the opposite direction. This has led to millions of dollars of loss by the city’s pension fund, an attempted declaration of bankruptcy, and the imposition of emergency management measures by the state.

To promote public banking as a real alternative for this economic devastation, the Public Banking Institute issued a call for people to stand in solidarity with the people of Detroit by signing the Detroit Statement. Everyone from luminaries like Chris Hedges and John Cobb to voters in Vermont who participated in the Town Meeting campaign have signed a version that is due to appear in Justice Rising, a publication of the Alliance for Democracy later this month. Please join us by adding your name to the list.

New Mexico Symposium on Public Banking

Coming to Santa Fe New Mexico this fall: a Symposium on Public Banking designed to catalyze the movement in New Mexico for creating a State Bank.

Banking on New Mexico:
Growing Local Economies Using Public Banking, Micro Credit, Worker Owned Businesses, Complementary Currencies & Moving Our Money
September 27, 2014
Santa Fe Community Convention Center
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Contact BankingOnNewMexico@gmail.com

For more information, contact Nichoe Lichen of Banking On New Mexico.

Seattle Symposium on Public Banking

In Seattle, organizers are at work pulling together a symposium on public banking at Seattle Town Hall on October 19th. Contact Mary Paterson for more information. This event is seeking sponsors and funders, as they all are.

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