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Many states are suffering dwindling resources to fund their budges with. The common strategy being dictated in many of these states and in Washington is to call for budget cuts, eliminating important safety nets for the middle-class and those below the poverty line, as well as to repeal legislation guaranteeing collective bargain rights for unions. It’s as if the states and the federal government were corporations with no responsibility to their real stockholders, the citizens of the U.S.
However, some states, counties and municipalities have decided enough is enough; they have introduced legislation for publicly owned banks or derivations, or for studies or task forces to determine how a publicly owned bank would operate in their jurisdiction.


Boston, MA


Contact: Susan Harman



District of Columbia

Los Angeles, CA

Mendocino County, CA


Nevada County, CA

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New Jersey

New Jersey Public Bank Campaign
Contact: Joan Bartl

New Mexico

New York


Sonoma County, CA

Contact: Jack Wagner



Washington State