Public Bank Orange County

Advocates from Public Bank Orange County spread the word at a recent festival prior to the third meeting of Orange County’s Creation of a Public Bank Committee

Nelson Betancourt and Eli LaSalle, advocates and organizers with Public Bank Orange County (PBOC), set up a public banking advocacy table and booth at a recent VegFest in Orlando on October 28 to inform attendees of recent public banking developments and sign up new Friends of Public Banking in Orange County, Florida. (Banners and tri-fold brochures used at the booth are available on PBI’s website here.) Thanks to the dedicated work of Nelson and Eli, the 2024 Orange County Charter Review Commission (CRC) formed the Creation of a Public Bank Committee on July 17, 2023. At its third meeting on October 30, guests included six community bankers and nearly a dozen interested public individuals. Earl Staelin, PBI Senior Advisor and Chair of the Rocky Mountain Public Banking Institute, gave a presentation. The bankers raised a series of now-expected standard-issue bugbears, which unfortunately exceeded the meeting’s time limit. Earl, however, has been invited to attend the next meeting to respond with gusto.  
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