Key Bridge collapse photo by Army, public domain

Ellen Brown: By the Dawn’s Early Light: On the Fall of the Francis Scott Key Bridge

PBI Co-Chair Ellen Brown’s latest article delves into the far-reaching implications of the Key Bridge collapse.

“Hopefully the Key Bridge strike was an accident, as most news outlets contend. But whether it was or not, we have serious weaknesses in critical infrastructure that need to be addressed. Bridges such as the Key Bridge are classified as ‘fracture critical’ by the federal government – meaning that if one component of the bridge’s primary structural frame fails, all or most of the span will collapse. … According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the federal government, 46,000 U.S. bridges have aging structures and are in ‘poor’ condition. …

“And that is just for the bridges. We also have a deficient electrical grid, aging dams and power facilities, and much more that are vulnerable to attack or structural disintegration. In the last of its ‘report cards,’ which come out every four years, the ASCE estimated in 2021 that total U.S. infrastructure needs were approximately $5.937 trillion. Of that sum, $3.35 trillion was funded, leaving a wide funding gap of more than $2.5 trillion. Where will this money come from?”

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Photo by U.S Army, public domain.

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