Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Ellen Brown: What Does the Fed’s Jerome Powell Have Up His Sleeve? The Real Goal of Fed Policy: Breaking Inflation, the Middle Class or the Bubble Economy?

PBI Chair Ellen Brown’s latest article in ScheerPost considers perhaps Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has something besides tackling inflation in mind as he continues forging ahead with rate increases, which appear to be a failed strategy. Ellen writes,

In the face of all this economic strife, why is the Fed not reversing its aggressive interest rate hikes, as investors have come to expect? …

Danielle DiMartino Booth, former advisor to Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher, … stated in an interview with financial journalist and podcaster Julia LaRoche:

“Maybe Jay Powell is trying to kill the ‘Fed put.’ Maybe he’s trying to break the back of speculation once and for all, so that it’s the Fed – truly an independent apolitical entity – that is making monetary policy, and not speculators making monetary policy for the Fed.”

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