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Ellen Brown’s latest articles examine the elephants in the federal debt trap room and the utility of a financial transactions tax

The Federal Debt Trap: Issues and Possible Solutions

… Among other dubious payments [the Grayzone] found [in an independent audit of U.S. tax dollar allocations to Ukraine] were $4.5 million from the U.S. Social Security Administration to the Kiev government, and $4.5 billion from USAID to pay off Ukraine’s sovereign debt, “much of which is owned by the global investment firm BlackRock. That amounts to $30 taken from every U.S citizen at a time when 4 in 10 Americans cannot afford a $400 emergency.”

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Another Look at the Financial Transactions Tax

A small financial transactions tax could correct a number of maladies in our economic system, from the federal debt crisis to the widening wealth divide to the rampant financialization of the economy, while eliminating taxes on income and sales.

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Recent praise for Ellen’s article from Ingrid Naiman:

In short, I am more than qualified to recommend this absolutely brilliant concept for taxation discussed in a recent post by Ellen Brown. If you think reading about taxes might be boring, think again. In this proposal, income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and the IRS could all disappear forever along with national debt. Did you hear “brilliant”?

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