No Great Reset by Ivan Radic

Ellen Brown’s latest articles tackle world stage events

A Monetary Reset Where the Rich Don’t Own Everything — ScheerPost
We have a serious debt problem, but solutions such as the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” are not the future we want. It’s time to think outside the box for some new solutions.

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Only a People’s Monetary Reset Can Prevent a Feudalistic Technocracy — ScheerPost
Instead of buying into the World Economic Forum’s dystopian “Great Reset,” we can build an alternative system with a mandate to serve the people.

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Robert Scheer/Ellen Brown Podcast on Crisis in the World Economy
Economic expert Ellen Brown talks to Robert Scheer about the financial revolution Vladimir Putin has started and what the global economic future could look like as a result.

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Ellen Brown: The Coming Global Financial Revolution: Russia Is Following the American Playbook — ScheerPost
No country has successfully challenged the U.S. dollar’s global hegemony—until now. How did this happen and what will it mean?

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Photo by Ivan Radic.

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