Eric Hardmeyer tribute

Eric Hardmeyer, former longtime CEO, Bank of North Dakota, has passed away

All at PBI are deeply saddened to learn that Eric Hardmeyer, longtime CEO of the Bank of North Dakota and invaluable educator for the public banking movement, passed away February 24 at the age of 64 of complications from lung cancer. Eric shared his enormous wealth of public banking expertise with public banking groups and legislators across the country, including many Town Halls co-hosted by PBI, and his genuine, steadfast commitment to how a public bank can serve the people of North Dakota inspired and influenced us all

From his obituary:

[Eric] remains the longest serving president in the bank’s storied history dating back to 1919. During his tenure, the bank enjoyed a long financial expansion with record profits and the resources to make a genuine difference in the lives of North Dakotans. …

His bank legacy is one of returning profits to the people of North Dakota. Many of the bank’s economic development programs have his fingerprints in the ink. For example, the PACE and Match programs enabled local banks to access state bank profits to finance small businesses and community projects. He worked as hard for small-town main street businesses and banks as he did for multi-million-dollar corporations because he felt everyone deserved a chance at success. …

In addition to returning the profits to the people, Eric was instrumental in developing strong internal leaders at the bank…. He thought the bank itself, the only kind in the country and successful beyond its founders’ modest hopes, could rise prominently where steamboats once marked the state’s earliest agricultural economy.

View playlist of Town Halls and more that include Eric.
Video of funeral

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