Mayday for Money

Event Reminder: Mayday for Money May 17-19 in Chicago, organized by the Alliance for Just Money

The Alliance for Just Money is organizing a three-day Mayday for Money event in Chicago May 17 – 19 that includes a march, screenings, and teach-ins.

From the event website:

May 18th is the 110th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Banks and of Congress ceding the power to create money to commercial banks. In 2024, we change the narrative of money back to a focus on people and our planetary and societal needs. Join the movement for #JustMoney and come support the march on the Chicago Fed, teach-ins, rallies, and socials in Chicago.

The Alliance For Just Money advocates for a transition away from our current debt money system to a just system of publicly created money. We invite you to join us in Chicago on Saturday, May 18th, 2024, for “Mayday for Money!” We’ll begin gathering at 11:30am at the Calder Flamingo Statue and march at 12pm to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Related outreach, educational, and social activities will go on May 17-19 for all available.

[Event website]

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