Year end 2021 Challenge Grant update

First challenge grant goal met! Can we meet our stretch goal?

Our future is much brighter thanks to your support. 
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We’ve been so encouraged with all the messages of support you’ve sent along with your donations. Our work to advance public banking these past two difficult years has truly been a labor of love and determination. Thank you so much for your notes! Here are a few that have touched our hearts:

  • PBIs tenacity and intelligence impacts beyond America for sure. Warm regards from Galway, Ireland.
  • I appreciate all the information PBI makes available to groups across the country trying to start local public banks.
  • Merry Christmas and I wish I could donate $1 million.
  • Thank you for your extraordinary leadership.
  • Love the new website. Keep up the good work.
  • Thank you for all the work that is being done by so many people.
  • Great site update & work this year!
  • Thank you so much for your support of NM and many others.
  • Public Banking – moving forward in New Mexico!!!!

Please know that your donations and messages inspire others. We use every donation to expand and support this accelerating movement.

The generous $1,000 donation from PBI’s Chair, Ellen Brown, has now been multiplied over 6 times! Our stretch goal is within reach!

You can help us reach our stretch goal with the button below.

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