Hazel Henderson

Hazel Henderson, lifetime futurist, worldwide syndicated columnist, and PBI Advisory Board member, passes away at 89

We’ve lost another heroine of our age. Hazel Henderson, a member of PBI’s Advisory Board and staunch supporter of public banking, passed away over the weekend. Hazel brought new understanding to the impact of monetary markets and how they do and could impact our world. She struck out on her own and said things that hadn’t been said. We will miss her valuable partnership and are glad for having had her with us on our journey. This week’s It’s Our Money podcast is dedicated to Hazel. An excerpt from her obituary follows:

Hazel Henderson (1933-2022), D.Sc. Hon., FRSA, “went virtual” (her own words) on May 21, 2022. Author of nine books and hundreds of articles, with multiple Honorary Dr. of Science degrees, Henderson is best known as a syndicated worldwide columnist and lifelong futurist who 40 years ago forecasted the need for the current transition from the fossil fuel era to the 21st century green economy. Henderson’s early prolific writing predicted the overhauling of conventional economic theory to take account of pollution, resource depletion and social costs ignored by company balance sheets and GDP, as described in her groundbreaking The Politics of the Solar Age (1981). She co-founded Citizens for Clean Air in New York City in 1964, leading to the Air Pollution Index for weather broadcasts.

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