At-A-Glance Infographic launch

JUST LAUNCHED: At-A-Glance: How Public Banks Excel Infographic

Politicians often ask, “Why do we need public banks? We already have institutions that make loans into the local economy.” But those institutions aren’t nearly as effective at protecting the interests of the people.

To demonstrate why public banks are unmatched for improving local economies, PBI has created a new infographic At-A-Glance: How Public Banks ExcelThe infographic makes it easy to explain and compare the strong suite of capabilities that public banks possess.

The colorful grid indicates at a glance what capabilities are missing from other financial institution types, while the infographic’s rollovers reveal important details for each term and category with links to sources and additional references.

Responses from advocates who previewed this new tool have been uniformly enthusiastic. It evolved from extensive research along with input from banking experts and public banking advocates around the country.

The At-A-Glance infographic is also available to download for handouts or presentations and a poster-sized version to print for exhibits or tabling will be available shortly. Please contact to request help in adding your group’s logo or arranging printing.

[See infographic]

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