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Updated: PBI’s new tool kit can help advocates communicate the basics of public banking with local groups

Now available: companion “how to” guides for those new to giving presentations or tabling events.

As the benefits of public banking become more widely known, more potential allies are seeking answers. We’ve created several useful new tools that can help you quickly communicate key concepts. If you are new to making presentations or tabling events, or would like a handy checklist, we’ve created two companion “how to” guides.

Trifold Brochures
With a few of these trifold brochures in hand, you can set up a table at a local farmers’ market and start building awareness of how public banking can help your community. These will also be useful for any group presentation or to give to legislators. Your group’s logo can be added if desired.

Intro Slide Deck
Enlisting allies with common goals has been a successful strategy for building awareness of and support for public banking in communities across the country. This short, basic slide deck can be used for a 5-10 minute presentation — for example when you have a few minutes on an aligned group’s agenda — to introduce public banking in a way that is easily understood and broadly appealing. If you have suggestions for allied groups we could reach out to, please email Cimbria (office@publicbankinginstitute.org).

World Map Infographic
Public banking is popular around the world. In fact, some of the oldest and largest banks globally are publicly owned. Communities can learn from their success. Our world map infographic visually illustrates the prevalence of public banking outside the U.S.

Please let us know how your outreach efforts go using these tools.

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Photo by Suzanne O’Keeffe.

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