Just released: America is Not Broke! Four Multi-Trillion Dollar Ways to a Thriving America

Apr 23, 2015.

Longtime public banking writer and leader of the New York public banking movement Scott Baker has published America is Not Broke! Four Multi-Trillion Dollar Paths to a Thriving America, a book his publishers call “a potent economic antidote for all that currently ails the US economy.”

Scott Baker Managing  and Economics Editor at OpEdNews, and a lecturer, author and devout Georgist, sees trillions upon trillions of dollars “simply lying around, right under our very noses!” Baker argues that the antidote, composed of four economic curatives, “would set the US on a path to hyper-health in just a few short years.” The solutions are:

1) Sovereign Money,

2) Georgism,

3) Public Banking, and

4) Ending Government Financial Asset Hoarding (GFAH)

These four solutions, Baker posits, “Would save or create 10’s of trillions of dollars and do so in the real economy!” However, just like Jimmy Stewart’s six foot three inch invisible rabbit (a pooka) in the film “Harvey,” few can see the four antidotes. This is, of course, where America is Not Broke! becomes, according to the publishers, “the magic glasses to see clearly the cure for what ails the US.”

Baker believes “that poverty and destructive levels of inequality are not inevitable parts of human society, they are policy choices. If we are open-minded, and openhearted, we can discover other, better, more sustainable ways to live. This book is an attempt to do just that.”

For more information, you can view Tayen Lane’s release on the book here.

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