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Latest It’s Our Money podcasts cover the roots of America’s financial innovation, public banking progress in Philadelphia, the Bank of North Dakota, the Debt Collective, how the rich really live, and a tribute to Hazel Henderson

Dedicated to the Future — A Tribute to Hazel Henderson

Hazel Henderson was a futurist. She understood that what is really important in an economic system isn’t measurable in dollars, but rather in the health and well-being of those living in the economy, including that primary partner, Planet Earth. On today’s program we revisit our last conversation with Hazel from 2020 — a tribute to an authentic, bold thinker who raised the consciousness of markets worldwide with the simple notion that our economic systems must operate with values that prioritize life.

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Reviving the America We Were
Anton Chaitkin

America’s early financial innovations led a remarkable flowering in world history of expanding economic prospect, at least until the late 20th century. Since then, financial elites and banking cartels have shifted the emphasis from investing for public benefit to private profiteering through monetary manipulations and resource exploitation. In his latest book Who We Are, our guest, historian and author Anton Chaitkin, observes that America’s positive economic dynamism has morphed into a form of self-interest that has transformed America’s image on the world stage to one of destructive predator. Chaitkin urges a return to the America we once were.

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“The Bank of Good” 
Eric Hardmeyer, BND; Braxton Brewington, the Debt Collective

The Bank of North Dakota (BND) has set the US standard for how a public bank can serve the economic interests of a state or local economy, and many local governments want to emulate its success. This podcast opens with a recent clip of Eric Hardmeyer, CEO of the BND for over 20 years, describing the founding and operational principles that led the bank to outperform even the
big Wall Street banks for profitability while taking an aggressive approach to fiscal problem solving. Ellen then speaks with Braxton Brewington of the Debt Collective, a non-profit debt-reduction organization that has relieved thousands of debtors from life-sapping obligations while promulgating a national effort to reduce the massive debt loads carried by students, medical patients and other debt stressed citizens.

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A Philadelphia Story
Vanessa Lowe / Conni Bille; Michael Mechanic, Jackpot

Another historic milestone in the emergence of public banks around the country has been reached in Philadelphia with an overwhelming vote of the City Council to establish a Municipal Public Financial Authority. We talk with two of the citizens that helped realize this success, Vanessa Lowe and Conni Bille. And later in the program Ellen talks with author Michael Mechanic about his new book Jackpot: How the Super Rich Really Live and How Their Wealth Harms Us All.

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