Good News from Santa Fe

Jan 12, 2016. We have received so many inquiries about the status of the Public Bank for Santa Fe. The news is good! SEPTEMBER 2015   A LEGAL MEMORANDUM, was completed by David Buchholtz of Rodey Law Firm for WeArePeopleHere!  The legal path forward has now been paved. We anticipate that the City will soon weigh in

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Does Bernie Sanders Have Public Banking Amnesia?

Dec 26, 2015. The Public Banking Institute doesn’t endorse (or anti-endorse) political candidates, obviously, but we are concerned with public banking policy. As Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders has probably displayed better understanding of public banking as a matter of policy than any other national elected official in recent memory. But apart from his much-lauded

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The Fed’s Financial Fictions

Dec 19, 2015. I’ve learned to go straight to the point when talking about raising interest rates (or lowering them, but you’d have had to go negative to go any lower than they were). My first question will always be how this will affect the day-to-day lives of the half of Americans in the throes

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