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News Roundup – April 29, 2023

Public Banking

Transcending Finance with Public Banking | Trinity Tran, Medium

Bank Bailouts, Again! Time to get the SF Public Bank Up and Running | Rick Girling, El Tecolote

4 ways to close the homeownership gap | Betsy Vereckey, MIT Management Sloan School

Opinion: Public Banking is a Win for New York’s Tenants | Roy Zornow and Elizabeth Haak, CityLimits

VIDEO: Senate Inquiry into Bank Closures in Regional Australia | Australian Citizens Party


Did The Government Start A Global Financial Crisis In An Attempt To Destroy Crypto? | Nic Carter, Pirate Wires / Substack

Why Defending The Right of States to Charter Banks Without Federal Permission Is Critical | Caitlin Long

Barney Frank Talks More About the Surprise Shuttering of Signature Bank | Jen Wieczner, New York Magazine Intelligencer

‘Few options left’: Why First Republic is backed into a corner after Q1 | Polo Rocha, American Banker

Our Nation’s Next Money | Robert Hockett, Capital Futures

Ted Cruz introduces bill blocking Fed from adopting central bank digital currency | Eric Revell, Fox Business

First Republic handed out billions in ultra-low-rate mortgages to the wealthy. It backfired horribly. | Matt Turner, Business Insider

Bank Bailout Facility Usage Soars For 2nd Straight Week, Money Market Inflows Resume | ZeroHedge

The Treasury Department wants to apply more scrutiny to financial institutions that aren’t banks | Justin Ho

Signs even Europe may be moving away from the US Dollar | Cruising Economist, Economic Insights for All / Substack

CBDCs: a potential game-changer for treasurers, says head of treasury at Roche | Kam Patel, The Global

Update: Two Thirds of Commenters Concerned about CBDC | Nicholas Anthony, Cato at Liberty

Money – The Biggest Scam in the World | Joel Smalley, Planet Decentral / Substack

Is the Federal Reserve a British Institution? | American Hypnotist, Badlands Media / Substack

Consolidating Control with Catherine Austin Fitts | Whitney Webb, Unlimited Hangout

Quantitative Teasing | Concoda, Concoda / Substack

Who Really Benefits From CBDCs? It’s Not the Public | Nicholas Anthony, CoinDesk

Fed’s Waller: ‘Nothing nefarious about FedNow’ | Kyle Campbell, American Banker

New York City to Track Personal Food Choices to Reduce CO2 Emissions | Igor Chudov, Igor’s Newsletter / Substack

Kaptur Reintroduces Return To Prudent Banking Act To Reinstate Key Provisions Of Glass-Steagall Act | Marcy Kaptur, press release

Why is no one buying banks? | Ken McCarthy and Jim Dobbs, American Banker


Book Review: U.S. Money vs. Corporation Currency (1912) by Alfred Owen Crozier |  John Titus, Solari Report
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