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News Roundup – Dec 18, 2020

Public and Postal Banking

Municipal bank could be a first for Philadelphia and the country | Tom MacDonald, WHYY PBS

$1.6 Billion Reasons Why Activists Say New York City Needs Public Banking | Glenn Daigon, Who What Why

The public bank New York City needs | Andy Morrison, Deyanira Del Rio, New York Daily News

Op-Ed: Why a public bank could accelerate NJ’s clean-energy ambitions | Thomas Marois, NJ Spotlight News

The conservative case for postal banking | Samuel Goldman, The Week

Taking Local Currency Digital: A New Experiment Emerges | Jared Spears, Nonprofit Quarterly

The infrastructure crisis meets the perfect storm: It’s time for a national infrastructure bank | A group of New York state lawmakers, Special to the USA TODAY Network

The National Infrastructure Bank could address our infrastructure needs at scale | Coalition of legislators and representatives of labor and political organizations from across Pennsylvania, Go Erie

Resolution in Support of Creating a National Infrastructure Bank | NY State Association of Counties

Country needs a national infrastructure bank | William Talman, Santa Fe New Mexican

Ferries in Alaska. Rail in Oregon. States Dream Big on Infrastructure Funds | Zach Montague and Emily Cochrane, The New York Times

Could a Public Bank of Los Angeles Become a Reality Soon? | Dolores Quintana, Westside Today

15 States Threaten To Pull $600 Billion From Banks That Won’t Give Equal Service To Energy Industry | Tristan Justice, The Federalist

Do We Really Need States to Be Bankers? | Girard Miller, Governing


How US community banks became ‘irreplaceable’ in the pandemic | Brendan Greeley, Financial Times (alt link)

Banking On A Better Future: Beneficial State Bank Aims To Transform A Traditional Industry By Empowering Consumers And Communities | Christopher Marquis, Forbes

Soros’ Dream: To Turn China Into a Neoliberal Grabitization Opportunity | Michael Hudson, CounterPunch

Small banks, credit unions warned to brace for pandemic aftershock | Ken McCarthy Jim Dobbs, American Banker

Finally Some Good News On The Inflation Front: US Rents Have Peaked | Zerohedge

Wonking Out: Biden Should Ignore the Debt Limit and Mint a $1 Trillion Coin | Paul Krugman, The New York Times

BankThink Direct loans from SBA are no threat to private lenders | Frank Knapp Jr, American Banker

Los Angeles Launches Largest Universal Basic Income Pilot | Grace Dean, Business Insider

Compton Fights Inequality With Universal Basic Income | Melissa Chadburn, Capital & Main

How Biden Is Laying The Foundation For A ‘Great Reset’ Of America | Justin Haskins, The Federalist

IMF, 10 countries simulate cyber attack on global financial system | Reuters, Business Recorder

Israel hosts cyber pandemic exercise simulating a cyberattack on global financial system with 10 countries, IMF, World Bank & BIS | Tim Hinchliffe, The Sociable

Despite Fed Asset Purchases, Lending Remains Depressed | Thomas L. Hogan, American Institute for Economic Research (AIER)

Covid-19 Economic Zombification | Daniel Fernández, American Institute for Economic Research (AIER)

World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab’s Ideas “Sound Like Bull***t” | Chris DeMuth, Zerohedge

Video & Podcasts

Yes, Virginia, and WV, There is a Franklin Roosevelt Policy Today | NIB Coalition

Capitalism Run Amok: What went wrong and how to fix it | Marianne Williamson and Richard Wolff

CITIZENS INSIGHT – A National Bank to save Australia – Interview with Sam Hansen, Alexander Hamilton’s influence on Australia’s National Bank

Global Financial Empire 2 — A 3 part lecture series for the Global University for Sustainability, Hong Kong with Michael Hudson

Retake Our Democracy for October 9, 2021 with Angela Merkert, Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity, New Mexico

Public Banking Around the World: Lessons for New York | Oct 20 New Economy Project, New Economy Project recently teamed up with The Vance Center for International Justice to survey seven public banks on four continents with Mauro Folegotto of Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Dr. Thomas Marois of University College of London, Melissa Marquez of Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union in Rochester, NY, and Soledad Ovando of Banco del Estado de Chile.

A grand, sweeping history of the Great Reset – with Matthew Ehret | Not the BBC

Four New Videos: From Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal to the 21st Century National Infrastructure Bank | Coalition for the NIB


Super Imperialism. The Economic Strategy of American Empire. Third Edition by Michael Hudson

Generation Occupy: Reawakening American Democracy by Michael Levitin

Money, Power, and the People: The American Struggle to Make Banking Democratic by Christopher W Shaw (Kindle version)

The Privatization of Everything: How the Plunder of Public Goods Transformed America and How We Can Fight Back by Donald Cohen, Allen Mikaelian

The Clash of the Two Americas volume 1: The Unfinished Symphony by Matthew Ehret, Cynthia Chung

Public Banks: Decarbonisation, Definancialisation and Democratisation by Thomas Marois

Credit: Photo by Robert Bye.

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