Girl facing Wall Street bull. Photo by Robert Bye

News Roundup – January 26, 2023

Public Banking

Public bank could address Chicago residents’ complaints about private bankers, lenders | University of Michigan

Release: Councilmember Carroll FIfe Moves The City of Oakland Towards Establishing a Public Bank … | City of Oakland

Opinion: Public banks can help New York meet its ambitious climate goals | Will Spisak, Alÿcia Bacon, and Alicé Nascimento, City & State New York

On This King Day, We Must Center Economic Justice To Build Power For Black Communities | Taifa Smith Butler, Essence

Saturday Essay: Public banking makes sense — and dollars | Colin Flanagan and Geeta Minocha, Toledo Blade

How Activists Are Trying to Change the Way Banking Gets Done | Syris Valentine, Yes! Magazine

Economy / Banking

U.S. Treasury activates another maneuver to avoid breaching debt limit | David Lawder, Reuters

The trillion dollar question | Yoel Minkoff, Seeking Alpha

Deposit race among banks kicks into higher gear | Orla McCaffrey, American Banker

Some banks will go to any lengths for deposits, even opening branches | John Reosti, American Banker

Fed survey: Home Loan bank advances are popular liquidity fallback for banks | Kyle Campbell, American Banker

It’s the $65 Trillion in Debt You Can’t Find That’ll Get You | Paul J. Davies, The Washington Post

VIDEO: Fractured markets: the big threats to the financial system | FT

Wells Fargo pares back mortgage operations to focus on existing customers | Liz Kiesche, Seeking Alpha

5 ways small financial institutions collaborated on tech
| Miriam Cross, American Banker

The Recession Is Here | John M. Mason, Seeking Alpha

Wall Street Takes Workers’ Retirement Money and Uses It Against Them | David Sirota, Jacobin (JULY 2021)


Unprecedented Power: Jesse Jones, Capitalism and the Common Good | Steven Fenberg

Photo by Robert Bye.

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