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News Roundup – July 18, 2021

Public Banking
Los Angeles Moves Forward on Creation of a Public Bank | Charlotte Kramon, Governing

Personal View: Public banking makes sense for Cleveland | Michael Collier and Geeta Minocha, Crain’s Cleveland Business

City Council wants a study into creating a Los Angeles public bank | City News Service, Los Angeles Daily News

Bank of ND shows record profits — Burgum criticizes Legislature for taking $150 million of profits for the General Fund | Dave Thompson, Prairie Public Broadcasting

Is new social-impact fund first step to NJ public bank? | John Reitmeyer, NJ Spotlight News

Governor Murphy Signs Bill Establishing Social Impact Investment Fund | Gov. Murphy’s office, press release

Advocates call for establishment of Social Impact Investment Fund | New Jersey Citizen Action, Insider NJ

What if NYC had its own public bank? There are billions of reasons to consider it, report says. | David Brand, Gothamist

The Economic Impact of a New York City Public Bank | James Parrott and Michele Mattingly, The New School Center for New York City Affairs

Bronx Town Hall Touts Public Banking Benefits to Locals | José A. Giralt, Norwood News

Mayor Johnson unveils his ‘blueprint to transform’ Chicago, revealing ‘how we will govern’ — and how residents can keep score | Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun Times / WBEZ Chicago

Big banks abandon Bayview’s Third Street corridor | Griffin Jones, Mission Local

It’s time for a public bank | James Coleman and Katie Causey, The Daily Journal

As I See It: State banks — an idea whose time has come | Rick Staggenborg, M.D., Albany Democrat-Herald

Let’s consider a public bank | Steve Pleich, Times Publishing Group

Talk of the Town: New Mexico needs a public bank capable of rebuilding communities | Albuquerque Journal Reader, Albuquerque Journal

Our Crumbling Economy Needs The National Infrastructure Bank | Observer Staff, The Nassau Observer

Twenty-six banks will handle billions in city funds | Aaron Elstein, Crain’s New York Business

In a First, the Public Got to Weigh in on NYC’s Banking Decisions | Doug Turetsky, CityLimits

New York City Banking Commission votes to halt city deposits at Capital One | Lauren Sforza, The Hill

How the big student-debt ruling will affect U.S. consumer lenders | Charles Gorrivan, American Banker

Biden’s new plan to forgive $39 billion in student loans, explained | Nicole Narea, Vox

EU’s Leaked Digital Euro Bill Outlaws Interest, Large Holdings, Programmability | Jack Schickler, CoinDesk

Poll: Only 16% of Americans Support the Government Issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency | Emily Ekins and Jordan Gygi, Cato Institute

Quant releases blockchain platform used in Bank of England’s CBDC project to the public | ATM Marketplace

Brazil’s Central Bank Selects 14 Participants for CBDC Pilot | Andrés Engler, CoinDesk

New ESG Requirements for Banks that Hold Public Funds May Raise Challenging Compliance Issues | Keith Kollmeyer, Jacob H. Hupart, Ellen Shapiro, Mintz

After my banking travails, I fear Britain is lost | Nigel Farage, The Telegraph

Fed’s Barr: AI could ‘perpetuate or even amplify’ bias in mortgages | Kyle Campbell, American Banker

Fed launches master account database | Kyle Campbell, American Banker

Europe’s Economic Engine Is Breaking Down | William Wilkes and Jana Randow, Bloomberg News

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