Girl facing Wall Street bull. Photo by Robert Bye

News Roundup – June 1, 2023

Public Banking
As Mayor, Brandon Johnson Should Establish a Public Bank in Chicago | Saqib Bhatti, In These Times

Can Public Banking Save the Financial System and Prevent Consolidation and a Credit Crunch? | Robert Stark, The Unz Review

Current Bank Crashes Demonstrate Why We Need Public Banking | Trinity Tran, LA Progressive

Letter to the editor: Change needed to end cycle of failing banks | Sandy Kremer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Guest Commentary | The timing is right to reconsider public banking | Steve Pleich, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Talk of the Town: New Mexico needs a public bank capable of rebuilding communities | Sarah Manning, Albuquerque Journal

Jackie Fielder formally announces for District 9 supe seat | Tim Redmond, 48 Hills

Progressive Activist Running for San Francisco Supervisor in Mission District | David Sjostedt, The San Francisco Standard

Why Banking for the Public Good Is No Pipe Dream | Rickey Gard Diamond, Ms. Magazine

What’s a better way to fund tech in the US? | Quartz Staff, Quartz

PODCAST: Public tech bank: A newer deal | Quartz Staff, Quartz

How Microsoft’s AI chat answered the question: Should the federal government own all the banks? | Rodger Malcolm Mitchell, #Monetary Sovereignty – Mitchell

City’s pension-fund system plagued by inefficiencies, analysis says | Crain’s New York Business

Open questions from Congress’ wall-to-wall failed-banks hearings | Claire Williams, Ebrima Santos Sanneh, American Banker

Small businesses seeking to grow face tough credit market, surveys say | John Reosti, American Banker

Banks now offer payday-loan alternatives. How many people use them? | Polo Rocha, American Banker

The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History | John M. Mason, Seeking Alpha

New York City to Track Personal Food Choices to Reduce CO2 Emissions | Igor Chudov, Igor’s Newsletter / Substack

What If You Could Bank With the Federal Reserve? | Diccon Hyatt, Investopedia

The Economy: Weaponized | Justin Deschamps, Badlands Media / Substack

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