Girl facing Wall Street bull. Photo by Robert Bye

News Roundup – March 22, 2022

Public and Postal Banking

How Philadelphia is laying the groundwork for a public bank | Allissa Kline, American Banker [PDF version]

Economics in Brief: Yes Votes for Public Bank in Philly | Solcyre Burga, Next City

City Council votes to establish the Philadelphia Public Financial Authority | City Council Philadelphia

Philadelphia takes initial step towards creating nation’s first municipal bank | Noah Zucker, PhillyVoice

Philadelphia inches closer to creating a public bank | Taylor Allen, Axios Philadelphia

Postal Service, Great Model for Other Government Services? | Sonali Kolhatkar, LA Progressive


Nomi Prins Testimony in U.S. Senate Budget Committee Hearing 2/17/22: “We are on the precipice of another grave risk.”

Most U.S. workers took an inflation pay cut in 2021 | Luca Powell, Transylvania Times

Economic Sentiment Hits New Record Low | Mary Acklin, Civic Science

The Fed’s Lack of Transparency Is Harming the Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency | Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall Street on Parade

Saudi Arabia in talks to use Chinese yuan in oil deals: Report | CNBC TV18

Photo by Robert Bye.

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