Girl facing Wall Street bull. Photo by Robert Bye

News Roundup – March 22, 2023

Public Banking

Private Banks Are In Crisis. What If They Were Public Banks? | Roshan Abraham, Vice

The SVB and Signature Bank Crashes Show Why We Need Public Banking | Trinity Tran, Truthout

New York public banking supporters say recent failures show need for law | Nick Reisman, Spectrum News 1



How to Spark a Nationwide Main Street Industrial Renewal with Universal Deposit Insurance | Robert Hockett, Forbes

PAPER: The Federal Deposit Insurance Completion Act of 2023: A Simple System of Universal Deposit Insurance | Robert Hockett

Regulators eye ways to insure all bank deposits | Karl Evers-Hillstrom, The Hill

Sheila Bair, Not Jamie Dimon, Should Succede Janet Yellen As Treasury Secretary | Robert Hockett

Crisis sparks new battle between small and large banks |
Zachary Warmbrodt, Politico

Ron DeSantis holds a press conference on “Big Brother’s Digital Dollar” – Proposes Bill to Ban CBDCs | The Solari Report

Flagstar’s ‘sweetheart’ deal for Signature Bank ‘almost seems too good to be true’ | Aaron Elstein, Crain’s New York Business

First Republic sees ‘gob-smacking’ deposit outflows; shares plummet after rescue package | Aaron Elstein, Crain’s New York Business

8 NY Banks Part Of Coalition Asking FDIC To Insure All Deposits | Daniel Hampton, Patch

The Next Dominoes Fall: Housing Under Construction And Heavy Truck Sales | New Deal Democrat, Seeking Alpha

What will it take to stop the cycle of fear? | Kate Berry, American Banker

Here’s why the ‘too big to fail’ banks bailed out First Republic | Tobias Burns, The Hill

Is Your Bank Safe? Here’s How To Find And Assess Your Bank’s Balance Sheet | Oscar Perry Abello, NextCity

Where all Conspiracies Begin and End – the Banking system creating Money out of Thin Air | The Naked Emperor, Substack

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