NIB town hall Oct 27

NIB Coalition Town Hall Oct 27, 8pm ET / 5pm PT — How to Beat Inflation and Recession: Build Industry, Create the National Infrastructure Bank

This week’s NIB Coalition Town Hall on Thursday, October 27 will focus on the latest news about the inflation war. PBI Chair Ellen Brown, PBI Senior Advisor Walt McRee, and Cornell Professor and PBI Advisory Board member Robert Hockett are on the panel and have some new insights to share.

From the Coalition for a National Infrastructure Bank:

The real story of the upcoming election is off-camera. Fed Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and the Fed Board of Governors are relentlessly raising interest rates, with little concern for the fallout. They are driving the country towards an economic recession or worse. This reckless policy runs the risk of blowing up the financial system. They are detonating a possible disintegration of the mostly worthless financial paper they themselves created.

On the positive side, support for an American industrial build-up and the National Infrastructure Bank Act, HR3339, is expanding. Discussions of reshoring American production are making their way into the public discourse. The $5 trillion National Infrastructure Bank (NIB) has the financial heft to drive a recovery led by infrastructure construction. It will hire the millions of people Jerome Powell plans to kick off their jobs. It will spark a larger “Buy America” revival. More elected bodies of government are endorsing the Congressional bill.

We are in a race against time. Nobody knows how the mid-term elections will turn out. However, unless we return to robust manufacturing and infrastructure development, the US will succumb to the twin crises of economic depression and financial collapse. It won’t be pretty.

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