matching challenge fund drive update

Our first challenge goal is just a short step away! Your gift could be the contribution that shifts it to the next level

The year-end matching challenge fund drive is within sight of its first goal thanks to recent substantial donations! We’re overwhelmingly grateful.

Can you help today by investing in our movement to build public banks nationwide to support the thriving communities we all want and deserve?

As we look ahead, we see the critical need to build coalitions, to deliver more high-caliber tools, and to put fully-thought-through plans in place that people can use before the next crash.

Public banks can be strong cornerstones underpinning local economic prosperity. These fully transparent institutions accountable to the public would go a long way to create stability in the face of a crisis.

Your financial support is critical to make sure public-good solutions are at the fingertips of lawmakers and on the radar of the general public ahead of crisis time.

Your gift can help this matching challenge fund drive surpass its first goal

Funds raised will go toward new short videos, new podcasts, new tools such as our recently launched At-A-Glance Infographic, and the launch of a regular Substack series to broaden public awareness of public banking. Your gift also helps demonstrate to larger funders that PBI has enthusiastic support.

If you have already donated, thank you! Could you please help us reach new supporters by sharing this appeal with friends and family.

[Donate to PBI’s matching challenge fund]

**Please note: Donation platform issues (mainly with Chrome browser) have been resolved. If you encountered issues earlier, please try again. Contact to resolve any difficulties.**

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