Substack launch

PBI embarks on the Substack journey

PBI is happy to announce that we are beginning our journey on Substack with the launch of PBI News & Views.

For those not familiar with Substack, it’s a publishing platform for independent writers and organizations that is subscription based instead of advertising based. It gives independent writers a platform that’s not skewed by advertiser algorithms. We’re launching it as a platform for “timely insights into our economy and our current monetary system that you won’t often see featured in mainstream media” including, naturally, public banking.

You do not need to become a paid subscriber to read PBI’s Substack. Our posts will not be behind a pay wall. Subscribers are however welcome to support PBI by becoming a paid subscriber.

Our Substack will enable us to:

  • Reach new audiences with the public bank discussion
  • Create a fertile community of supporters
  • Be seen as thought leaders around public banking
  • Discuss a wider range of related subjects to build coalitions
  • Include varied perspectives

We’re envisioning weekly or biweekly posts to include articles, podcasts, and videos with PBI Co-Chair Ellen Brown, coordinators, and guests, including PBI Board and Advisory Board members.

[Read PBI’s Substack]

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