Advisory Board new members

PBI welcomes four new members to our Advisory Board

The Public Banking Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of several new members to our Advisory Board. Each brings distinctive achievements and prominence within their fields, which PBI will draw upon to help guide our strategic and organizational agenda. They join a distinguished list of experts in the field from academia, government, banking and public policy.

Rohan Grey
Christine Desan
These new appointees include Rohan Grey, a professor of law and head of the Modern Money Network; Christine Desan, a law professor at Harvard and co-founder of its program on the Study of Capitalism; Melissa Marquez, CEO of Genesee Co-op Federal Credit Union and a leader of the movement for public banks in NY; and Marc Armstrong, a pioneering public banking leader, consultant, and founder of CommonomicsUSA.
Melissa Marquez

More complete biographical sketches are available on our website.

We extend a hearty and grateful welcome to these leaders for their contributions to the work of public banking and to PBI’s future

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