Nelson Betancourt at VegFest

Public banking meets the public: Florida advocate Nelson Betancourt sets up informational table at VegFest event

With newly printed PBI trifold brochures in hand, Nelson Betancourt took the message of public banking to the people by setting up a tent at VegFest, which took place at Orlando Festival Park.

Nelson writes:

Our non-profit organization, AWAKENING/art & culture, took the initiative to set up a vendor tent at Veg Fest — a fantastic festival — fun, educational, creative and community-building. It was a tremendous opportunity to connect with a lot of people and organizations doing interesting, valuable, and needed work in our community.

Our organization promoted the creation of a public bank in Orange County, Florida; our intention is for the State of Florida to create its own public bank like the one in North Dakota, which has been in existence for over 100 years.

I did surveys, handed out our beautiful new brochures, and talked to dozens of people including State of Florida political candidate/friend of public banking Anthony Nieves. The next step for us will be to have an online forum to continue promoting this initiative in Orange County.

You can do this too! See the feature story on our tool kit for links to order your own trifold brochures and for more ideas for tabling a local event near you. Please email Suzanne if you need help.

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