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Urgent action alert: Please tell Oregon Governor Tina Kotek not to veto the public bank task force bill, HB 2763; final decision will be made by August 4

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek issued a notice on Friday July 28 that she may veto the State Bank Task Force bill, HB 2763. In response, PBI has written an open letter to Gov Kotek urging her to sign:

The PBI Board asks that Gov. Kotek deliver to Oregonians the opportunity to create this powerful engine to ensure their own economic future as soon as possible by signing H.B. 2673. This proposed Task Force could demonstrate the specific scope of benefits that would go to the State of Oregon with its own sovereign public bank and the path to accomplish them.

You can help add support. Please consider using this form prepared by the Oregon Public Banking Alliance (OPBA) to urge Gov. Kotek to sign the bill.

Gov. Kotek’s stated objections are logistical, not conceptual. Her notice states, “While the Governor supports exploring the creation of a state bank, this bill has several logistical challenges.” Our letter points out these logistical concerns can be easily surmounted.

The bill establishes a 19-member task force selected by the Governor, the President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House to study and make recommendations for the establishment of a state public bank. Its final report, including recommendations for legislation and a governing structure, is due September 1, 2024.

The Oregon Public Bank Alliance organized strong support and testimony for this bill.

[Use the form to send Gov. Kotek your views]
[Read PBI’s open letter to Gov. Kotek]
[Read the bill]
[Read testimony]

Photo by David Grant. 

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