Punt photo by Chris Stine

Video Spotlight: NIB Coalition – Why the $5 trillion National Infrastructure Bank beats all other pending infrastructure proposals

Photo by Chris Stine.

The Coalition for a National Infrastructure Bank recently posted a video that examined the question: What’s the difference between HR 3339, which creates a $5 Trillion National Infrastructure Bank, and other infrastructure bills currently before Congress? Two experts outline the differences and why, instead of punting, Congress should score a touchdown with the National Infrastructure Bank:

Alphecca Muttardy, a senior macro-economist, gives details on the other so-called “infrastructure bank” proposals and shows their weaknesses.

Stephen Hubbard, whose PhD focused on infrastructure banks, presents a history of the spectacular failures of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). Dr. Hubbard argues that, while they can be useful in a small percentage of use cases, for the most part, PPPs are not the way to go.

[Watch the video]

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