NIB event replay

Video spotlight: NIB Town Hall with Ellen Brown, Dr. Nomi Prins, and Dr. Robert Hockett: “Stop Runaway Inflation and Recession, Make America Produce Again!”

The Coalition for the National Infrastructure Bank hosted an emergency Town Hall last Thursday, June 16 with PBI Chair Ellen Brown;  Dr. Nomi Prins, Ph.D., renowned author, journalist, and speaker; and Cornell University Professor of Law and Finance Dr. Robert Hockett. Watch the video of their dynamic exchange.

Against the backdrop of skyrocketing inflation and looming economic recession, the speakers will analyze the causes of the economic crisis gripping the United States economy, and offer bold solutions. The growing divide between the mass of financial paper in circulation and the dwindling productive economy has reached a breakpoint. We need to produce again and build our way out of the crisis. One solution is enactment by Congress of a new National Infrastructure Bank as outlined in H.R.3339. Another proposal is the creation of a National Reconstruction and Development Council to coordinate an aggressive revival of American production.

[Watch the video]

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