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Video spotlight: Public Bank East Bay presents project to regional foundations

Via Public Bank East Bay: Northern California Grantmakers and the San Francisco Foundation came together in July to showcase our project to a large network of foundations and other interested parties. This was an entirely informational event. The recording is an excellent explainer on public banking and our project, featuring:

  • Valerie Red-Horse Mohl’s superb introduction – 1:16 (Ms. Red-Horse Mohl is the Chief Financial Officer of the East Bay Community Foundation)
  • David Chiu on getting the legislation passed – 10:14 (Mr. Chiu was a sponsor of the enabling legislation passed in California in 2019, and is now an attorney for the City of San Francisco)
  • Eric Hardmeyer (retired CEO of the Bank of North Dakota) – 21:36
  • Shelly Browning (California Public Banking Alliance) – 33:10
  • Hank Levy (Treasurer, County of Alameda)- 38:08
  • George Syrop’s review of our project specifically – 44:50
  • Fred Blackwell’s remarkable case for public banking (Mr. Blackwell is the CEO of the San Francisco Foundation) – 52:49

[Watch video]

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